The Right to Self-Exclude

Several states are rushing to legalize sports betting for the influx of state tax revenue. Some states are even considering holding a special session to attend to the issue. However, the lack of time spent to address the harms of sports betting is putting consumers at risk.

Since unveiling the Bill of Rights earlier this week, thousands of American sports fans have shown their support by signing our petition below. Let’s break down the third right for all fans -- The Right to Self-Exclude.

Legislators must introduce, “The Right to Self-Exclude” to safeguard sports bettors that are at risk. Self-exclusion is a proven system that protects consumers. Most notably, self-exclusion is a pillar of the Massachusetts Daily Fantasy Sports regulations.

Self-exclusion grants consumers the power to govern themselves. For example, the right enables the freedom for sports bettors to preemptively limit bet sizes, frequencies, types of advertisements, and other related behavior. Furthermore, the bettor can exclude him-or-herself from credit extension offerings, so they will not be enticed to bet money they do not have.

The right ensures the customer stays within their comfort zone. The system will, therefore, prevent the user from getting caught up in the moment and engaging in activity they would not otherwise want to do. Allowing the fan to self-regulate is critical to all consumer protection legislation.

Self-exclusion is currently not included in the current sports betting black market. We must enact this right to protect at-risk bettors.

Learn more by reading our white paper on sports betting.

If you agree and want to protect those at risk, sign the petition below to join the fight!

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