USSF has Failed its Mission and its Fans

In the latest chapter of the contentious US Soccer election, presidential candidate, Hope Solo, filed a formal complaint with the US Olympic Committee (USOC). Accusing USSF of abandoning its duty as a National Governing body and charging, “the USSF’s paramount concern has become protecting and nurturing the MLS, even if at the expense of other stakeholders, including those involved in professional women’s and amateur soccer.”

Her 38-page scathing indictment of USSF and its Board of Directors, concludes with the accusation that USSF is in violation of several different sections of the Stevens Act. The Stevens Act is what granted monopolistic status to the USOC and gave them the charter to oversee the governing bodies of Olympic sports -- including Soccer.

Solo’s complaint continues to identify the myriad ways USSF has failed in its mission “ to make soccer, in all its forms, a preeminent sport in the United States and to continue the development of soccer at all recreational and competitive levels.” Solo’s complaint is the latest example of how toxic the USSF’s relationship with MLS/SUM has become for the sport in America, and provides stunning insights into the continued problems that will face US Soccer if Kathy Carter or Carlos Cordeiro are elected as the next President of USSF.

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