Davis Makes Play for Snyder's Crown for the Worst NFL Owner

Mark Davis

Raiders' owner and 3rd prize contest winner at a Voldemort lookalike contest, Mark Davis, attempts to also win runner-up as the worst NFL owner by screwing over a fan base Snyder doesn’t even have the cojones to screw with — public school students.

Touted as the "worst deal for a city" by economists, Las Vegas is welcoming the Raiders by committing a sin that’s embarrassing even for Sin City — diverting funds from its already beleaguered public school system. Clark County taxpayers are on the hook for $750 million for the construction of the new stadium. That’s 40% of the $1.9 billion dollar cost! To be fair, the money will come from increasing the city’s hotel tax. However, this tax is currently used to fund public school education in Clark County.

Increasing taxes on tourism is a risky gamble and is unlikely to pay off. Fewer tourists will be able to afford to visit Vegas with higher taxes on tourism, which means less revenue. Considering that Vegas is already contractually bound to the $750 million price tag for the stadium, Clark County Public Schools will find themselves “down to the felt.”

And what do the fans get out of this deal? Lower ticket prices? Lower concession or parking prices? Little League or Peewee Football teams using the stadium for free? NO! The fans are told that they get a professional football team in exchange for their taxpayer money. But it’s Voldemort …er… Davis who pockets the cash.

Putting children's future at risk so that a greedy owner can make crazy profits is shameful! When it comes to Las Vegas’s stadium development project, we’re not betting on black — we're betting on red.

 Photo Source: The Kicker

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