All Rise for the Greatest Rivalry in Sports

With the series ending late last night between the Boston Red Sox and the New York Yankees, ending with a makeup double header on Sunday, we thought it might be good to review the history of these two legendary teams. There’s no shortage of epic rivalries in American sports. Packers and Bears (which culminated in a lawsuit this year), Lakers and Celtics, and Duke and UNC. None, however, is more iconic than the Yankees/Red Sox, which just wrapped up their series this weekend.

The teams have competed for more than 100 seasons, but it was in 1919, with the Red Sox's sale of Babe Ruth to the Yankees, that the animosity began. This transaction sparked the Curse of the Bambino marking the 86 year long World Series drought. There is so much resentment surrounding this because Babe Ruth’s career exploded almost instantly upon becoming a Yankee; going on to become one of the best players in history. This trade started the first Yankee Dynasty. From there, the rivalry only intensified. Tensions rose during the 1941 MVP race between Ted Williams of the Red Sox, batting a .406, and Joe DiMaggio, holding a 56 game hitting streak. DiMaggio won the race.

Throughout the decades, there has been no shortage of fan support for the rivalry, just this past weekend these fans had this to say:

Even the @RedSox got in on the fun with this trolling tweet.

Rivalries are great for fans, players, and teams. They help foster pride in their community and encourage healthy competition. What this baseball fan loves about this rivalry is, despite the animosity, at the end of the day you are getting to witness an historic battle between two of America’s most prominent teams.

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