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Sinclair is Bad for Sports

Last week we announced our opposition to the Sinclair/Tribune merger. We’ve received quite a few questions since our announcement and we wanted to address them here: Continue reading

Coloradans Unite Against the Broncos

After the Broncos unceremoniously bucked their fans and revoked their tickets, SFC responded with a petition. In less than two weeks it was signed more than 1700 times. Coloradans have stood up against their hometown team and told them enough is enough. Here are just a few of our favorite comments. Continue reading

What Makes a Good Deal?

We’ve written at great length on the bad deals struck between cities and their respective sports teams. We’ve covered Las Vegas risking their children’s education for the Raiders sports stadium, the Atlanta Falcons owners restricting which fans can attend games, and even the regular run-of-the-mill extortive activity happening between owners and local governments. Continue reading

Blacking Out the NFL

Race relations in this country are at a boiling point and, unfortunately, sports is no longer an escape. NFL owners have blackballed Colin Kaepernick over his protesting style and, in response, fans started #BlackOutNFL. The NFL is notorious for blacking out games to its fans, so now fans are blacking-out their fandom to the NFL. They have been wearing black t-shirts over their jerseys in protest.  Continue reading

Everything You Get for Building a New Stadium

With kickoff just around the corner for the NFL regular season, you should know that the chances that you will be able to afford tickets are lower than ever. Funny, that your taxes can be spent on stadium construction, but the ticket and concession prices are set so high that you, the taxpayer can’t afford tickets. Just how bad is it? Continue reading

Sinclair-Tribune Poses Big Threat to Sports Fans

Fans already suffer through blackouts on a regular basis, the proposed merger between Sinclair Broadcasting Group and Tribune Media will do nothing but increase them and all while raising prices on fans.  Continue reading

Broncos Buck Fans

When the Broncos win, every fan in Denver wins with them, but when the Broncos organization recently enacted a new policy for fans, not every fan came out on top. Continue reading

Have You Been Duped?

Imagine your birthday is coming up, and your grandma wants to buy you tickets to a Yankees-Red Sox game to celebrate. It’s a huge rivalry, and so tickets are a little hard to come by. She googles ticket sites and clicks one of the first to appear, she enters her credit card information, and never receives the ticket. Grandma has just fallen victim to ticket fraud. Continue reading

Athletic Departments are Fumbling Your Money

At SFC, we’ve been tackling owner greed in professional sports for years. If an owner wants an extra Rolex, they’ll jack up parking fees. A new car? Pricey concessions will do the trick! We understand owners as the money-hungry billionaires they are.   What we don’t understand, though, is how owner greed has managed to infect higher education. Moreover, we don’t understand why the NCAA is sitting back while everyday students pay for the mistakes of a select few. Continue reading

Heads up! Concussions Affect More than Just Football Players

The football world is still buzzing from a recent study published by the Boston University School of Medicine and the VA Boston Healthcare System that revealed an overwhelming presence of CTE in the brains of deceased football players. This was troublesome news for former football players from all levels of the game who worried CTE might be more of a threat than previously thought. The reality is, though, the dangers of CTE extend far beyond football and athletes everywhere should continue to take concussions very, very seriously.   Continue reading